Kiran Kazim

Meet Kiran: Former HR specialist turned writer, now crafting content for HR tech brands.

Hey there! I’m Kiran. My journey’s been a bit like hopping from one adventure to another. Started in the world of HR, where I was all about untangling the tricky bits and pieces of work life, making everything run smooth. Loved it, honestly. It was like being the person behind the curtain, making sure the show went on without a hitch.

Peeking into my journey:

Then, I took a bit of a detour into writing. Now, I’m crafting stories for HR tech brands, diving into the nitty-gritty of talent acquisition trends, and providing fresh insights on improving your employee communication, engagement, and productivity. It’s pretty cool to take all that HR know-how and turn it into something that reads easy and feels light.

The heart of it? I’m still doing my favorite thing – breaking down the complex stuff so it feels like a breeze. Whether it was in HR or now in my writing, the goal’s the same: keep it simple, make it relatable.

Life nowadays? It’s me, my laptop, and a whole lot of ideas, trying to make sense of the HR tech world in a way that everyone can get behind. When I’m not typing away, I’m probably out exploring, soaking in a good story, or just enjoying the simple moments.

So, that’s me. Just riding the wave, one word at a time.